Gawker Compares New Dating Service to ‘Comfort Women’

The joke didn't go over so well.

By Von Diaz Mar 11, 2014

In an article about The Dating Ring–a startup that aims to even out the ratio of (heterosexual) women and men of "dateable" age in New York and San Francisco by flying women out to the West Coast–the popular daily gossip blog Gawker raised some serious eyebrows. While this new dating site perhaps deserved a jab, the way that Gawker and its Silicon Valley blog ValleyWag chose to go about it was regrettable and offensive to those connected to legacy of Japanese occupation during World War II and that of "comfort women"–girls and women forced to work as prostitutes for the Japanese military. 

And the timing couldn’t be less appropriate. On Monday the Japanese government announced it would not amend a 1993 apology made by a cabinet secretary, which refused to acknowledge the women were coerced into sex work. Scholars estimate tens of thousands of women were forced into prostitution during this era.

But social media users aren’t letting Gawker off the hook for its latest gaffe. Check out this Korean American writer’s Storify charting how the general public took Gawker to task for its insensitive remarks.