Gabourey Sidibe on How to Awkwardly Get Your Interracial Swag on Oscar Red Carpet

By Jorge Rivas Mar 08, 2010

Gabourey Sidibe lost the best actress Oscar to Sandra Bullock, but that doesn’t mean she didn’t enjoy her time at the Oscars. On a more serious Oscar note, check out Andrés Tapia’s commentary over at New America Media that looks at Hollywood’s obsession with movies that require a "member of the majority culture to save us poor people of color from ourselves or others every single time?"

This salvation message is accentuated by the subliminal theme that a white messiah, even with real or perceived physical or social handicaps — his or her own or imposed on them by others -, is more capable than all the saved peoples’ combined. Jake, when not galloping like a stallion through his avatar body, is a paraplegic. District 9’s Wikus is painfully incompetent and clueless, and Bullock’s Touhy is a woman in a male Texas sports environment. Even in the 90’s comedy The Three Amigos starring Steve Martin, Chevy Chase, and Martin Short, these bumbling, buffoonish, white male outcasts as smarter and stronger than an entire Mexican village.