Fundraiser Friday: Only Five More Days To Support ‘Nana Dijo’

By Sameer Rao Nov 13, 2015

For today’s Fundraiser Friday, we’re profiling a campaign for a documentary that travels the U.S. and Latin America, highlighting the voices of black Latinos who are marginalized within their communities.

"Nana Dijo," which translates to "Nana Said" in English, is an upcoming project from Mexico City-born mixed-media artist Bocafloja and visual artist Cambiowashere. There are five days left in the duo’s Indiegogo campaign to raise $7,000. 

"Nana Dijo" was filmed in the United States, Mexico, Honduras, Argentina and Uruguay. As the filmmakers explore the unique histories of these five nations, they weave a story of black communities’ systemic exclusion from national identity and experience:

Nana Said is an urgent historical registry in the form of a documentary, filmed in Mexico, Honduras, Uruguay, Argentina and the United States, which opens a crucial platform of analysis about race relations by transgressing beyond the parameters of "safe discourses" imposed by culturalist agendas. The narrative sewed into Nana Said grows out from the body of the oppressed as an auto-cartographic experience that trespasses the borders created by nation-states. Nana Said is the black experience, often hidden in the colonized psyche, which goes out for a walk each Sunday through the vernacular experience of our grandmothers. 

The campaign will use funds raised to cover the costs of editing, festival submission, post-production and promotion. Those who donate can recieve a variety of rewards, including autographed postors, a music video shoot and an invitation to the film’s premiere.

Check out the "Nana Dijo" promo video above, and visit the Indiegogo page for more info.