Fundraiser Friday: ‘Los Hilos Que Tejen’ Shares Latinas’ Powerful Stories

By Sameer Rao Oct 23, 2015

For this week’s Fundraiser Friday, we’re profiling a project that highlights the voices of nearly two dozen Latinas and their powerful tales of immigration, adjustment and resilience. 

"Los Hilos Que Tejen," which translates to "Threads That Weave," is an upcoming Spanish-language book (and audio book) that combines the testimony of 19 Latina immigrants who have each been in the United States for more than two decades. The book also incorporates the voices of its three authors: Patricia Veliz Macal, a Los Angeles-based community organizer; Amanda Macal, her mother; and Carla Osorio Veliz, her daughter and a community-based social worker.

The authors emphasize the book’s goals and the women’s stories in a statement on their Kickstarter page

Their message is one of perseverance, love, solidarity, and power, especially the power to overcome obstacles, and to be inspired and to succeed against all odds. They have turned barriers into bridges, leading them to paths of self-discovery and self-empowerment, and in the process becoming unsung heroes and protagonists of their own stories, while impacting entire families and communities. Their collective stories are threads that weave their families and communities with tenderness.

The campaign, which ends next Saturday, has already raised over $5,000 towards its $7,000 goal. Funds raised will go towards production and audio recording costs, a release event and a "tenderness bracelet" that, along with signed copies of the book and other rewards, will be sent to anyone who contributes $25 or more to the campaign. 

This book promises a powerful counternarrative to the xenophobia and casual racism that dominates current political discussions about immigration, which makes it a worthy Fundraiser Friday. 

Click here to see "Los Hilos Que Tejen’s" Kickstarter page and promo video.