Fundraiser Friday: ‘Kid Impact’ Comic Confronts Syrian Civil War Head-On

By Sameer Rao Oct 09, 2015

Our Fundraiser Friday series often profiles independent creators of color and projects that take on domestic racial justice issues. But this Friday, we’re profiling a comic book project focused on an international issue—one with increasing domestic relevance.

The Syrian refugee crisis takes center stage in "Kid Impact," an upcoming giant-sized comic book created by Brooklyn-based artist Raymond Ayala and his entertainment company Planet Random Creative. "Kid Impact" follows Dawood, a young Syrian refugee, on an epic journey as he returns to the Syrian Civil War zone to rescue his eight-year-old cousin. The Kickstarter campaign to support "Kid Impact" launched on September 21—the UN’s International Day of Peace—and has 22 days left to reach its stated goal of $6,265.

Ayala explains on the campaign page that funds will go towards the art and digital distribution costs associated with a large-sized comic, with any additional funds raised supporting a possible run of prints for comic conventions and a multi-media comic with full audio tracking. He also noted the inspiration for the comic: conversations with his daughter about Syria.

…this concept was conceived last year as my daughter and I discussed the escalating conflicts in Syria and Gaza. Like many of us, my heart was torn. The loss of life was impossible to understand and no justification seemed plausible. A few weeks into the Gaza war my daughter and I started a dialogue around what we were seeing reported on the news. Her perspective held a hope for tomorrow that transcended the reports being broadcast. It became clear to me then that this was the project I had to do. She helped me see that her generation possessed a determination towards peace and that it was an incredible power. "Kid Impact" is inspired by this resolve, inspired by the strength of the children suffering through these ordeals, and we hope he becomes a hero that can inspire someone with the strength given to him.

Check out the "Kid Impact" Kickstarter page.