Fundraiser Friday: ‘Hannah’ Magazine, A Celebration Of Black Women

By Sameer Rao Sep 04, 2015

A crowdfunding campaign for a new magazine that will center around and celebrate the experiences and perspectives of black women has been listed as a Kickstarter Staff Pick.

The campaign for "Hannah," a new bi-annual print book with a more-frequent online component, has already raised about $3,000. They have a month to raise $30,000, which will help cover production costs and pay writers. 

The magazine, a mockup of which can be seen above (and in a video that can be viewed on the Kickstarter page), will feature stunning pictorials of models and prominent black women, accompanied by a plethora of pieces focusing on topics ranging from fashion to politics to technology. 

A statement on the Kickstarter page from editor-in-chief and "Charlie and His Imaginary Friend" author Qimmah Saafir* explains the void of black women in media on both sides of coverage, which is an issue at the heart of the magazine’s existence: 

HANNAH is, in short, a celebration of Black women. The goal of HANNAH is to highlight our diversity and provide a space where we can simply BE.

HANNAH will add important voices to the ongoing narrative about Black women—our own.

HANNAH will exist as an aesthetically brilliant, content-heavy biannual print release as well as a more frequently updated digital space. 

Click here to see more pictures and the preview video for "Hannah" and to support the campaign to sustain its existence. 

*Qimmah Saafir is a Colorlines contributor.