Friday Twitter Break: The Week Kanye West Joined Twitter

While Wyclef Jean decided to be president, Naomi Campbell confessed she's never heard of Liberia and the GOP, well, went on being the GOP.

By Julianne Hing Aug 06, 2010

Happy Friday, folks. Kanye West joined Twitter last week, and his tweets about his outsized, luxurious life and quest to be a better person have been a favorite new addition to my Twitter life. While I am fighting the urge to fill a whole edition of FTB with his tweets alone, there’s plenty of other Twitter chatter to get to. Folks are sounding off about the economy, immigration, Prop 8, Wyclef, and oh yeah, our new Supreme Court Justice, Elena Kagan.

We’ve also got a new Twitter handle. If you’re already following us, you’re already good to go. Everyone else: find us at @colorlines.