Friday Twitter Break: Trying (And Failing) To Not Talk About Tiger Woods

By Julianne Hing Feb 19, 2010

It’s Friday, time to catch up with our friends on Twitter and check in with the chatter around the web. Everyone’s trying–but apparently not hard enough!–to not give Tiger Woods and his public apology this morning any more airtime than it deserves because there’s plenty more happening in the world. Post Bourgie reminds us that today’s the first anniversary of the stimulus bill! And Jamil Smith is keeping an eye on all the conservative crazies (Michelle Bachmann! Dick Cheney! Tim Pawlenty!) who have descended on CPAC in D.C. Meanwhile, a white guy named Joseph Stack intentionally flew a plane into a federal building in Texas, and no one is willing to call it terrorism. On with the show! Be sure to follow us at @racialjustice.