Friday Twitter Break: Supreme Court Speculation Edition

By Julianne Hing Apr 09, 2010

Happy Friday, everyone. The news that everyone’s been expecting for a while is now official: Supreme Court Justice John Paul Stevens is retiring later this year, opening up the field for a second appointment by President Obama. Folks are throwing out some names, but I’ve been having more fun with all the other cross-talk surrounding it. Also in this week’s roundup: comedian Andy Borowitz references Nike’s comeback commercial for Tiger Woods, 2008 Colorlines Innovator Gustavo Arellano talks about GOP front runner candidate California Governor Meg Whitman’s cluelessness, and the Disgrasian ladies challenge Asian Americans to stop letting us be the butt of every joke. All that and more inside! Be sure to follow us over at @racialjustice, and have a great weekend.