Friday Twitter Break: Reading Rainbow Is Back, And Immigration Reform Bill Is Here

By Julianne Hing Mar 19, 2010

After a brief hiatus, your favorite Friday Twitter Break is back with a roundup of the best of the race talk on the Twittersphere. There’s plenty going down as we speak, and lots happening in D.C. this weekend. Folks in D.C. are gearing up for what promises to be a massive turnout for the March for America for immigration reform, which also happens to fall on the seventh anniversary of the war. If that weren’t enough, we are also fighting through the final moments of healthcare and student aid reform. All that and more, including reactions to New York KGIA principal Debbie Almontaser’s ousting, white boy soul singer Robin Thicke’s "conversion" to Blackness (I kid you not), and the Wall Street Journal’s profile of Rev. Al Sharpton. Enjoy! Be sure to follow ColorLines at @racialjustice!