Friday Twitter Break: Ethnic Studies, Schmethnic Studies

By Channing Kennedy May 14, 2010

I couldn’t find a screengrabbable tweet of my favorite quote of the week, so I just have to tell you about it manually. Here it is:

Nobody taught me anything about my cultural heritage in school.

That’s white right-wing blogger Jammie Wearing Fool, and yes, that link goes to Pandagon blogger Jesse Taylor’s teardown of the statement, rather than to the statement itself. Buffer zones, y’all. On to the tweets! Law & Order is being canceled after 20 years! Mary J. Blige as Nina Simone! Elena Kagan played softball! And the hits keep coming! As always, you can follow us on Twitter at @racialjustice. The ColorLines Tumblr is also highly recommended. Like the magazine, but with more charts and funny videos. And finally: Nice work this week, everyone.