A Fragile Union: Beyond Prop 8

By Julianne Hing Mar 05, 2009

I stopped by the California Supreme Court in San Francisco today to see if I could get in to the hearing where justices today are hearing arguments on whether to overturn Prop 8. It was a no go; crowds lined up as early as 5am for the event that began at 9. Thankfully the hearing was being projected on a large screen outside City Hall, where hundreds of Prop 8 backers and opponents both stood watching the coverage. But the dozens of vocal Prop 8 supporters around the corner drowned out most of the proceedings with their declarations of "Yes on 8." I had to search to find the people of color in the crowd, though the Chinese aunties singing Christian hymns with "Marriage=1 Man + 1 Woman" signs pinned to their backs were very visible. It made me think of our March/April cover story, "A Fragile Union: Why Racial Justice Matters in the Fight for Gay Marriage," by Kai Wright, online now. A final decision is due from the judges in 90 days. Check out Kai’s story in the meantime, and let us know what’s on your mind. Where do we go from here?