The former GOOD Magazine editors who were abruptly fired earlier this month have teamed up to launch their own magazine about "creative destruction" called "Tomorrow."

"Tomorrow" co-founders include six editors who were let go after GOOD’s founders announced they were moving to a "community-based publishing system" and two other staffers who quit in June.

Here’s a bit more about the project via Kickstarter:

Tomorrow is a one-shot magazine about creative destruction–a fitting concept for eight recently unemployed journalists and designers. Our next move: Pushing others to jump out of their comfort zones, too, and writing and designing the hell out of the results. For the next month, we will crash on one issue of a magazine. No salaries, no health care, no ergonomic office chairs. No foundation grants, no advisory boards, no independently wealthy vanity investors–for now, at least. That means no filler, no product placement, no luxury gift guides. It means we won’t be afraid to publish things that are complicated or sexy or weird… the kinds of things that might just get you fired. (We’ve been there.) Tomorrow will feature original articles and essays about what’s on the cusp, plus fresh design, illustrations, and photography in a quality print publication.

Don’t click on that last link below until you’ve donated money the Kickstarter campaign, but just FYI the last issue of GOOD Magazine edited by former executive editor Ann Friedman includes a cover story by’s very own Seth Freed Wessler.