Former 49ers Player Outed After Domestic Abuse Court Charge

By Jorge Rivas Jan 30, 2013

Former NFL player Kwame Harris has been charged with allegedly attacking his ex-boyfriend outside a California restaurant. Harris was the San Francisco 49ers’ first-round pick in 2003 and played offensive tackle for five seasons. He also played for the Oakland Raiders for one season in 2008.

Harris was due in court Tuesday to face charges.

The argument started over a silly issue but ended in real violence that required medical care, the Peninsula’s Daily Journal reported.

According to court documents, Harris and Geier were at Su Hong restaurant in Menlo Park when "Plaintiff (Geier) put soy sauce on a plate of rice, which upset Defendant (Harris)."

The documents continue to state the following: [PDF]

"Defendant argued with Plaintiff over the incident for approximately seven minutes and then proceeded to exit the restaurant. Plaintiff stayed inside the restaurant and continued eating. A few minutes later, Defendant returned and informed Plaintiff he would not drive him to the airport and informed Plaintiff that he was going to throw Plaintiff’sbelongings out of his (Defendants’) car. Plaintiff agreed to take a cab to the airport and informed Defendant that he would remove his belongings from Defendant’scar.While exiting the restaurant, Defendant began to push Plaintiff and tried to pull Plaintiff’s pants down, accusing Plaintiff of stealing his (Defendant’s) underwear. Plaintiff tried to leave the restaurant and Defendant followed Plaintiff into the parking lot outside, where the Defendant continued to push Plaintiff and attempted to pull Plaintiff’s pants down."

Statistics on domestic violence in same sex couples is limited but a study found domestic abuse occurs in gay and lesbian relationships at a level comparable to that of heterosexual couples–but most LGBT communities across the country have few if any services to deal with the problem.

The most comprehensive study of same sex domestic violence was conducted by the National Coalition of Anti-Violence Programs more than two decades ago. The study compiled accounts of domestic violence reported by twelve different organizations which monitor anti-gay violence. It estimates that between 25% and 33% of same sex relationships involve physical or psychological abuse.