Food Justice Org Empowers Women of Color in New Episode of ‘The Movement’

By Sameer Rao May 11, 2016

Gentrification doesn’t just threaten residents’ ability to keep their homes—for many, it threatens their control over how they celebrate their culture and make money. Darnell L. Moore, journalist, activist and host of Mic’s "The Movement," explores how one San Francisco-based nonprofit promotes local women of color’s culinary traditions and ambitions amid greater economic threats.

Moore describes La Cocina, based in the city’s storied Mission District, as "a kitchen incubator founded in 2005 with the purpose of helping its members—mostly low-income women of color and those from immigrant communities—develop food businesses." He speaks with members of Arab and Mexican descent, delving into the obstacles that come with pursuing culinary entrepreneurship in an economic world that often freezes local populations out in favor of shiny, hip restaurants.

Watch the latest episode of "The Movement" above.