Flying while brown gets day in court

By Malena Amusa Jan 29, 2007

Anti-racial profiling advocates are giddying up. The possibility that the End Racial Profiling Act, a bill that died in Congress last term, will come back to life is real– Now that John Conyers, a Michigan D championing the measure, is also now chairman of the House Judiciary Committee which rules over this issue. In addition, Sen. Russ Feinghold a D from Wisconsin who co-sponsored the legislation is now head-cheese of the Judiciary subcommittee on the Constitution—which mean folks—it’s likely this bill will gain some serious discussion, for once, on the House floor. Oh and Remember last November when some imams were arrested because they were Muslim and praying in an airport? Well, for the first time, thanks to Keith Ellison, a D from Minnesota, there’s some Muslim representation in Congress. … Get on board folks!