Florida State House Candidate Wants Obama Lynched

His campaign strategy is to win voters by calling for Obama's death.

By Brentin Mock Jan 22, 2014

This can’t be life: An African-American candidate for Florida state House of Representatives is on Twitter and Facebook calling for President Barack Obama’s death. Joshua Black, who’s running as a Republican for the 68th legislative district, Tweeted on Martin Luther King Day that Obama should be arrested and then "hang him high."

Black doubled-down on this statement on his Facebook page, saying that America should "execute" Obama, for drone strikes overseas and the pursuit of people like Edward Snowden who exposed American government secrets. Last I checked, threatening the life of a U.S. President is a felony, and it looks like Black has already had to answer to the Secret Service for his recklessness. In Florida, a felony conviction not only bars you from voting in the state, but also from running for public office. This is one hell of a campaign strategy. 

What’s sadder are the dozens of "Likes," retweets and people who’ve commented in agreement.