The First Lady’s Race

By Jonathan Adams Jun 18, 2008

Photo: Tim Llewellyn Today, tnews is all about the women who could be the next First Lady. Michelle Obama appeared on the cover of the New York Times and also as a guest co-host on "The View." CNN also reported that polls show that Republican nominee John McCain’s wife, Cindy, is seen in a more favorable light than Michelle Obama. Michelle Obama has taken some hits in the media. From questioning her patriotism to the threat of video some are calling "Whitey-gate," Michelle Obama’s role has been scrutinized from the beginning of her husband’s campaign. Cindy McCain is also in tnews. The daughter of Budweiser founder, John Hensley, she sold off at least $2 million she held in funds with investments in Sudan businesses. The media shows Cindy McCain as a blonde cheerleader turned doting wife and Michelle Obama is just the "angry black woman." The coverage of these two women is all about race. There are feminist bloggers calling out the media’s racism, but where are the Gloria Steinems and Geraldine Ferraros, who came out with such fervor for Hillary Clinton, to address the attacks on Michelle Obama by mainstream media? It’s fun to talk about the fashion for a while, but tet’s talk about the influence these women could have on the country and the issues that they would address if given the platform that the White House provides. It’s there a long race ahead, so I’m sure there will be plenty more opportunities for us to speak up.