Filmmakers Crowdfund to Support Documentary About Native Hawaiian Street Artists

By Sameer Rao May 25, 2016

Executive producer Keoni Lee and director and editor Tadashi Nakamura took to Kickstarter to garner support for "Mele Murals," their new documentary about Native Hawaiians who are investigating their traditions and marginalized identity through graffiti. 

"Mele Murals," the trailer for which you can see here, focuses on acclaimed graffiti artists Estria and Prime and their work with Native Hawaiian youth in the rural community of Waimea. "’Mele Murals’ shows how public art rooted in underground graffiti unexpectedly but powerfully fuses with Native Hawaiian traditions and contemporary life to impact the students, the town of Waimea and, most of all, the artists," reads the Kickstarter description. 

While an unfinished version of "Mele Murals" screened at CAAMFest 2016, the filmmakers hope crowdfunders will support final production, editing and licensing costs. The campaign ends on Friday (May 27). Click here to learn more.