Filipina Grandma Reads ‘Go The F*ck To Sleep’

Imagine your grandma read you the summer's most profane children's book. Yeah, we love it, too.

By Bryan Gerhart Aug 15, 2011

Unless you’ve been under a rock that doesn’t have an Internet connection (and, dear readers, we’re almost certain this isn’t the case), you’ve probably heard of the not-quite children’s book "Go The F*ck To Sleep" in some capacity. Whether you heard Samuel L. Jackson or filmmaker Werner Herzog narrate the story or were one of the Amazon shoppers who made the picture book a #1 bestseller back in May, it’s clear that the short, but very profane, publication has found a comfortable home on the Web.

Even though Adam Mansbach’s book is age-old in meme-years, we’re consistently reminded of just it’s funny 32 pages. In the most adorable instance of expletive-filled bedtime narration yet, a Filipina grandmother reads the book aloud to her granddaughter. I’ve already watched this video too many times, but it’s hard to determine the highlight. Between the baby’s parents cracking up, their daughter’s wide-eyed, unknowing reaction, and the grandmother’s continual, but short-lived and giggle-laden objections to almost every page she reads ("That’s so bad! That’s not good! I don’t like this book!"), there’s enough to make revisiting the illustrated sensation worth your five minutes.

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