Fifty Years After ‘Little Rock Nine;’ France Races to Expel Immigrants

By The News Sep 24, 2007

Are ‘Jena Six ‘ Like the ‘Little Rock Nine?’ Fifty years after nine Black students were escorted by the National Guard to desegregate a Little Rock high school, many question the racial climate in Jena, LA and if the incident is proof that not much has changed. Washington Post. Sarkozy: France Wants ‘Selected, Not Endured’ Immigrants France has set a quota to expel 25,000 immigrants, many of whom are from Africa, by the end of the year. Associated Press. US Citizenship Test Toughened Revamped to garner more concepts than facts, many immigration advocates worry that the more "patriotic" test will hurt those with less education. MSNBC. King Memorial: Dream Deferred Again With battles over who will actually sculpt the memorial, some argue that the Chinese sculptor tapped should be replaced by a Black artist. New York Times.