Ferguson Goes Back to School, With Double the Counselors

By Julianne Hing Aug 25, 2014

Monday marked the first day of school for the Ferguson Florissant School District’s 11,000 students after protests pushed back the start of school by nearly two weeks. Signs and pinwheels urging peace welcomed students back to school, St. Louis’ KPLR reported. And support from St. Louis health agencies Health Circle and the Children’s Service Fund funded a short-term doubling of the 33 full-time school counselors the school district employs, Huffington Post and the St. Louis Post-Dispatch reported. 

Students at Michael Brown’s alma mater, Normandy High School, returned to school last week. With the 18-year-old teen’s death still fresh on people’s minds, educators are grappling with how to respond to recent events in their classrooms. Teachers at Normandy High school opted for open conversation, NBC News reported, while some educators in Illinois have been urged to "change the subject" if Ferguson comes up in class, the New York Times reported.