Federal Court Reinstates Parts of Texas Abortion Law

A federal appeals court voted to reverse last week's decision to block certain portions of the controversial new Texas abortion law.

By Von Diaz Nov 01, 2013

Reversing last week’s decision to block portions of Texas’ controversial new abortion law, a New Orleans federal appeals court voted yesterday to lift an injunction against certain portions of the legislation. The law goes into effect today, and among those provisions which have been reinstated are requirements that abortion clinic doctors must have hospital admitting privileges, and restrictions on medically-induced abortions. The three-judge federal appeals panel agreed to grant Texas lawmakers an emergency stay, enabling them to begin enforcing the law pending a complete hearing, which likely won’t happen until January. According to the Center for Reproductive Rights, one-third of the state’s licensed abortion providers will be forced to halt services immediately, a move that creates barriers which could have a much greater impact on low-income women of color.