Farrakhan Tells Black America To Wake Up; Pill for Middle Schoolers Sparks Debate

By The News Oct 18, 2007

Nation of Islam Leader Makes Rare Public Appearance Nation of Islam Minister Louis Farrakhan, who has for the most part retired from public life, appeared at the Atlanta Civic Center to address what he considers a key issue for black Americans today. He urged black Americans to support their own community, and to steer away from the vices of materialism. He also criticized token black figures such as Oprah Winfrey and Barack Obama for giving a false impression of success. His appearance comes as a call for unity in the aftermath of Jena 6. MSNBC British Scientist Makes Racist Evolutionary Claim James Watson, Nobel Prize Winner for the structure of DNA, made the claim that the intellectual capacities of some races are superior to others, particularly upholding the white race. The controversy has led the Science Museum of London, that was set to host a talk by Watson, to cancel his appearance. A claim by such a prominent figure brings unease and wariness to the scientific community. ABC News Birth Control To Be Allowed in Middle School A middle school in Portland, Maine, has approved access to birth control pills for its students without the notification of parents. The decision, which undoubtedly sparks dispute, is countered by health care professionals who say that this is will not increase sexual activity, but is a necessary means to serve those students who do engage in sexual behavior. The New York Times