Fans and Celebs Celebrate Heavy D’s Most Memorable Songs

We remember some of the rapper's best moments, and take stock of the legacy he leaves behind.

By Jorge Rivas Nov 09, 2011

Heavy D, one of hip-hop’s most charismatic rappers, died in Los Angeles on Tuesday. He was 44.

Just hours before his death, Heavy D tweeted a simple message to his followers: "be inspired." He leaves us with songs that will undoubtedly do just that.

He was known for always choosing charm over aggression in his lyrics. In videos like "We Got Our Own Thang",  women danced around in a decent amount of clothes; one of them even wearing long sleeves! In "Don’t Curse" he featured hardcore rappers like Kool G. Rap — not cursing.

Below are a few of’s staff favorites. Also, continue scrolling down to view some of the responses from hip-hop biggest names.

Heavy D & The Boyz – Nuttin’ But Love


Heavy D & The Boyz – Is It Good To You

Heavy D & The Boyz – The Overweight Lovers In The House


Heavy D. & The Boyz – We Got Our Own Thang


Heavy D – Don’t Curse


Heavy D & The Boyz – Girls They Love Me


Via BET: "In the late Heavy D’s last nationally televised performance before his untimely death on Nov. 8, 2011, he delighted the Hip Hop Awards public with his dance moves. The iconic rapper was truly one of a kind and always charmed audiences with his special brand of hip hop."