Families Protest the Solitary Confinement of Loved Ones in Calif.

They're the invisible victims.

By Jamilah King Jul 16, 2013

Inmates throughout California’s prisons have begun their second week of a hunger strike to protest what they call the inhumane conditions of indefinite solitary confinement. An estimated 30,000 prisoners went on strike last week, calling for an end to the practice of indefinite confinement in the state’s high-security "special housing units" (SHU’s).

My former colleague Jorge Rivas caught up with families and supporters of hunger-striking inmates at California State Prison, Corcoran for ABC-Univision. "Family members are the invisible victims of solitary confinement," says 24-year-old Reyna, who adds that she hasn’t touched her incarcerated father since she was about six years old.