By Andre Banks Mar 22, 2007

Welcome to RaceWire, the ColorLines blog. We’re taking a break from our daily roster of news and commentary to provide an online home for FACING RACE 2007, the national conference on racial justice. Below you’ll find posts on the major events of the conference. From Walter Mosley’s ‘Life Out of Context’ to "The Future of Racial Justice,’ RaceWire is the place to ask the question they missed, provide comments or critiques and continue the conversation whether you’ve just left a workshop or missed this year’s conference. Also visit the FACING RACE WIKI at www.facingrace.wiki.zoho.com You can learn about every speaker, workshop and panel at the conference on the FACING RACE wiki. You can post links to additional resources and get connected to information suggested by presenters and other participants. It’s simple. 1.tGo to the site: www.facingrace.wiki.zoho.com 2.tFrom the homepage, go to “Workshops,” or “Panelists” 3.tView content 4.tAdd your notes, talking points, special links, and any resources to help others by clicking “Edit” and adding to the text on the page. LATEST UPDATE: WALTER MOSLEY KEYNOTE OPENS FACING RACE