Experiment Reveals Americans’ Response to Racism; Bay Area Loses Asian Coverage

By The News Jan 05, 2009

Experiment Reveals Americans’ Response to Racism A social experiment conducted by ABC News attempts to show how the average American would respond when witnessing deliberate racism. ABC News. Corporal Punishment: Outdated Approach to Education Statistics show how corporal punishment in schools may directly be correlated with poor educational performance and higher incarceration rates, not to mention how this practice is also highly discriminatory, especially toward Black students and students with disabilities. Atlanta Journal-Constitution. Absence in Asian-American Coverage Increases In California’s Bay Area, the end of AsianWeek’s print publication is but the latest of a string of Asian media closures occurring in a region that boasts such a high proportion of Asians among its population. New America Media. In Search for the Authentic Black Man The appointment to Barack Obama’s Senate seat has, once again, brought authentic Blackness into question. This query asks what or who continues to define and capture the "authentic Black" experience, and particularly that of the ideal Black man. Chicago Tribune.