Exactly Who Trump Insider Steve Bannon Hates, in His Own Words

By Research by MaDeja Adams. Text by Akiba Solomon Nov 17, 2016

Surely you’ve heard by now that Stephen K. Bannon, President-Elect Donald Trump’s chief White House strategist, is a key figure in the alt-right, that not-new brand of White supremacy embraced by racist millennials who like to claim they aren’t racist. But what you may not know is how versatile Bannon, former chair of Breitbart Media, is with his hatred.

In court cases, the Navy veteran and former Goldman Sachs investment banker has been accused of domestic violence, anti-Semitism and making violent threats toward a female employee. And according to The Southern Poverty Law Center, which at press time is hosting a petition for his ouster that more than 400,000 people have signed, prominent White supremacists “rejoiced” over his appointment to the Trump administration.

While it would be much quicker for Bannon to say, "Hi. I’m a racist, sexist, Islamophobic, fact-averse homophobe,” we know that’s not going to happen. Luckily, we have his own words. Here’s a sampling of who and what Bannon can’t stand:

Average Republicans

During a 2010 interview with Political Vindication Radio, Bannon playfully advocated violence against establishment Republicans: “What we need to do is Bitch-slap the Republican Party. …If we have to, we’ll take it over.” (h/t BuzzFeed)

Accurate Descriptions of the Alt-Right

Mother Jones reported that in a 2016 interview, Bannon claimed that the alt-right’s White supremacist following doesn’t make the school of thought racist:

“Look, are there some people that are [W]hite nationalists that attracted to some of the philosophies of the alt-right? Maybe. Are there some people that are anti-Semitic that are attracted? Maybe. Right? Maybe some people are attracted to the alt-right that are homophobes, right? But that’s just like, there are certain elements of the progressive left and the hard left that attract certain elements.”

Feminists and Lesbians

In a 2011 interview with Political Vindication Radio, Bannon called progressive women who oppose conservative mouthpieces such as Ann Coulter, Michele Bachmann and Sarah Palin “a bunch of dykes that came from the Seven Sisters schools up in New England.” (h/t BuzzFeed)

Mainstream Media and Muslims

In a 2016 Breitbart editorial,* “Sympathy For the Devil: The Plot Against Roger Ailes—And America,” Bannon described mainstream media—“MSM”—as “Luciferian”:

“In the wake of Orlando, the Obama administration, with Hillary Clinton cheering it on, intoned against guns and “hate,” and is now back to importing more hating Muslims. Meanwhile, stories with headlines such as “Syrian refugee assaults girl, 13, at Boston pool” are consigned to the media back-burner. Yes, it’s very sick, straight out of the Rolling Stones song, ‘Sympathy for the Devil


Lucifer. That sounds about right. There is something Luciferian about systematically ignoring dangers while bringing in more dangerous people.”

Black Lives Matter, "Other Crazies" and "The Whole Democratic Establishment

In that same Breitbart editorial, Bannon warned readers that the firing of Fox News chief Roger Ailes in the wake of multiple accusations of sexual harassment would produce frightening results:

Yes, it is a huge operation that they have mounted against Ailes. And who is “they”? I think it’s virtually the whole of the Democratic establishment, including the Obamas, the Clintons, and their billionaire financiers, such as George Soros. These are the people who are plotting to take down Ailes. And if Ailes goes, I’m afraid, so could America.


“If Ailes goes, Hillary is a lot more likely to win. And so is #BlackLivesMatter, the New Black Panthers, and all the rest of the crazies. And that terrifying prospect is enough to keep me on the firing line. Maybe you, too, feel the same way.

Bonus! 5 Hateful Breitbart Headlines Published Under Bannon’s Leadership:

  • "Hoist It High and Proud: The Confederate Flag Proclaims a Glorious Heritage”
  • “The Solution To Online ‘Harassment’ Is Simple: Women Should Log Off”
  • “Birth Control Makes Women Unattractive And Crazy”
  • “How Muslim Migrants Devastate a Community”
  • “Hands Up Don’t Shoot Is the New Ice Bucket Challenge"

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