Ex-Das Racist Member Heems Inks Deal For Life Story-Informed Sitcom

By Sameer Rao Aug 27, 2015

At the core of Das Racist’s music, as well as much of its members’ solo output, are questions of misrepresentation and whether brown identity actually matters in America. Hopefully, the news of ex-member Heems’s new deal with 20th Century Fox is a sign that people were paying attention.

The rapper whose government docs say Himanshu Suri announced the news of a deal with the studio on his Twitter page yesterday, saying that they would possibly lead to a sitcom seemingly based on his life story: 

Heems also stated that writer Sanjay Shah, whose past credits include "King of the Hill" and "Fresh Off the Boat," is tapped to write the pilot.

Heems has been keeping busy since Das Racist’s 2012 breakup, releasing two solo mixtapes and this year’s acclaimed and confrontational full-length "Eat Pray Thug" on his own Greenhead label. He has also released music by ex-Das Racist groupmate Kool A.D. and several other New York rappers. Heems has also faced controversy including an incident in December where he defended his use of the N-word

(H/t Okayplayer)