Ex-cop acquitted of beating; Gonzales caught in a lie

By The News Jul 25, 2007

Jesse Jackson stands up for Barry. Bonds, a global-political metaphor. "When (George W.) Bush won the election, even though (Al) Gore got more votes, nobody boycotted the inauguration," Jackson said. " … (Bonds is) condemned without trial. There is no due process."–AJC First Indian Female President Sworn In. More than meets the eye. Despite being touted as an important step for gender equality, Patil’s election has elicited only a lukewarm welcome from other women, with many saying her lackluster political career and rocky road to the presidency have given them little more than symbol — and not a leader who represents them.–NYTimes Are Voter Registration Drives Being Put Out of Business? Hope not. After the wave of successes in 2004 voter registration drives by groups like ACORN, a half-dozen states passed severe laws that scared off voting activists — and now the Senate is weighing in.–Alternet Sharpton, Scott Seek Immigration Reform. Whicky-what. The Rev. Al Sharpton and Wal-Mart CEO Lee Scott became unlikely allies Tuesday in their call to revive immigration legislation, in speeches before the nation’s largest Hispanic civil rights organization. "Congress needs to pass a comprehensive immigration reform bill now," said Scott, who heads the world’s largest retailer.–ABC News New Orleans Recovery Is Slowed by Closed Hospitals. An (ill)ogical recovery. The city’s mortality rate appears to have risen sharply in 2006, although state and local officials disagree about the level and persistence of the increase.–NYTimes Gonzales Contradicts Prior Statements, Confirms Existence Of Other Spying Programs. Gettin’ dirtier. If Gonzales’ testimony is accurate today, then he is confirming the existence of a new administration spying program.–Think Progress On Base, a Plea to Give Each Death Its Due. Democracy, freedom and Las Vegas funerals for all… Twenty soldiers deployed to Iraq from this Army base were killed in May, a monthly high. That same month, the base announced a change in how it would honor its dead: instead of units holding services after each death, they would be held collectively once a month.–NYTimes Ex-police officer acquitted in post-Katrina beating. The man he beat was old, Black. Marullo watched videotapes and noted that Davis could be seen struggling."This event could have ended at any time if the man had put his hands behind his back," the judge said.–Chicago Tribune. Sharpton Backs Off Imus, Targets Record Industry. Jigga who? Sharpton supported a proposal by New York Senator Antoine Thompson to divest an estimated $3 billion of New York’s state pension from record companies in hopes of opening up a dialogue with industry executives.–HipHopdx