Even as a 5-Year-Old Maya Rudolph Was Ready for the Camera

By Jamilah King Jul 30, 2014

Musician and photographer Jeffrey Scales wrote about touring with Minnie Ripperton and meeting an adorable 5-year-old Maya Rudolph:

…During our off time off from touring, I was often at their home around her family and photographed Maya frequently. Most children get very antsy in front of a camera, but she seemed to be fascinated with the photographic process. She held a firm gaze and always seemed to be studying this photographic process very closely, so I’m not at all surprised that she’s become one the finest comedic actors working in front of a camera today.

I’m also not surprised that Maya found her way into comedy. What few people may know about her mother is that Minnie was one of the most hilarious women you’d ever meet. She had a wry, even ribald wit that would totally disarm the coolest of characters, the biggest record producers, and the most pompous industry executives of the day.

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