Eva Longoria Seeks Stories Affirming Latinx Humanity

By Sameer Rao Feb 06, 2019

Eva Longoria explores the inner turmoil of a Latinx family-owned Miami hotel in "Grand Hotel," her upcoming ABC series whose trailer premiered yesterday (February 5).

The Mexican-American actress, who produces and directs this adaptation of a Spanish TV show, says that her series aims to empower Latinx talent and stories in an industry that often ignores both. The International Movie Database notes that most of the show’s principal actors, including Roselyn Sanchez ("Traffik") and Demián Bichir ("Alien: Covenant"), are Latinx. The Associated Press adds that half of the writers’ room are women and/or people of color. Longoria explains that these dynamics help tell narratives that Latinx audiences crave and need. 

"I want to create [these] stories for our community, because we can’t be what we can’t see, and if all you see on the news or in the media is negative depictions of us, you have to counter balance that with our storytelling and our perspective," she said during a Television Critics Association press panel yesterday, as quoted by Entertainment Tonight. "We have to think of ourselves as more, and I want to show that on TV."

"Grand Hotel" premieres June 17.