Ethiopia Suffers New Food Crisis; Bill Clinton Speaks at International AIDS Conference

By The News Aug 05, 2008

Food Crisis in Ethiopia Drought, increase in food price, and an unstable economy have put Ethiopia in a new starvation period. This “Green Period” consists of an increase in agriculture production but a decrease of food consumption by Ethiopians who cannot afford it. The government has struggled with its anti-poverty campaign and is looking to battle this new crisis. Los Angeles Times. Ethnic Instability in Beijing has led to More Security Concern in the Olympics On Monday, two men ambushed a military police unit in the Northwest region of China. This has added to the security concern for the Olympics as more turmoil results from ethnic conflict. However, the International Olympics Committee assures that security will not be an issue for the Olympics. The New York Times. Clinton Asks For More AIDS Efforts At the International AIDS Conference, President Bill Clinton discussed the success of his organization,The William Jefferson Clinton Foundation, in reducing price for AIDS treatment and urged an increase in AIDS efforts. The Wall Street Journal. Pakistani Woman Linked to Terrorist Group Aafia Siddiqui, a mother of three who once studied biology at Massachusetts Institute of Technology, is said to be linked to al-Qaeda terrorist group. She has been in the hands of the United States authorities for the past five years after being caught in Afghanistan. BBC News.