Equal Care Doesn’t Erase All Race Disparities in Cancer, and other news

By The News Jul 28, 2009

Blacks Still More Likely to Die of Some Cancers A study recently published online by the Journal of the National Cancer Institute found that Blacks continue to die of some cancers at higher rates than whites. While some researchers say it is mostly an issue of healthcare, others say there might also be something that tracks with African ancestry that leads Blacks to die at higher rates from prostate, breast and ovarian cancer. Peltier Up For Parole Hearing Leonard Peltier, an activist with the American Indian movement who was charged for killing two FBI agents in 1975, has a parole hearing today. Jury Rules for FL Hospital A jury in Stuart, FL sided with the Martin Memorial Medical center yesterday saying that the hospital did not act unreasonably in deporting an undocumented immigrant suffering from severe brain injuries back to Guatemala. Queer Asians Face More Stress A group of university researchers have now published a study to prove that queer Asians face more stressful challenges in coming out than queer whites.