Eight Greatest Hits from W. Kamau Bell’s ‘Totally Biased’

A look back at Kamau Bell's wonderful show.

By Julianne Hing Nov 18, 2013

It’s no secret that we at Colorlines have a special place in our hearts for "Totally Biased," comedian (and Race Forward board member) W. Kamau Bell’s FX show. The last episode aired this weekend, and it’s with deep sadness that we bid farewell to the show. Bell’s comedy on race, gender and culture is the rare combination of smart and actually funny, and he brought his refreshingly direct takes on all of it to television five nights a week. Here now, we offer a look back at "Totally Biased"’s wonderful run, with the hope that we see these comedians on TV again very soon.

Stop-and-frisk has never been a funny matter, until Bell took it on in this classic segment. — Bell headed to Times Square to ask: What don’t people know about your culture? One man says: "The square root of one minute is 15 minutes." — Beloved actor and activist George Takei chats it up with Bell about his family’s internment during World War II; what it’s like to be an Internet sensation; and knowing his base–geeks and nerds. — "It’s time to grab the world by the balls. And then rip ’em off!" Janine Brito and Aparna Nancherla disagree on what progress for women means. — Dwayne Kennedy takes on the Washington, D.C. NFL team’s offensive name, and offers some novel solutions. — Unlocking the Truth is the Brooklyn metal band made up of pre-teens. Bell’s interview with them is somehow heart-warming and rock-and-roll badass at the same time. — Comedian Kristina Wong and Bell break down the Asian dating fetish which afflicts so many white men. — Hari Kondabolu’s segment on the National Spelling Bee (also known to Kondabolu as "the Indian Super Bowl,") is full of comedy gems.