Effie Brown Says ‘Shame and Money’ Will Bring About Real Hollywood Diversity

By Sameer Rao Oct 25, 2016

Acclaimed indie film producer Effie Brown ("Dear White People") believes that audiences who want a more diverse and equitable Hollywood have two important tools at their disposal.

"There are only two ways we have made change in systemic oppression: shame and money," said Brown to those gathered for her Film Independent Forum keynote on Sunday (October 23). "Our weapon is our voice, and our bullets are our dollars. We cannot support financially the people and places and things that are not inclusive, that participate in oppression."

Brown, who infamously endured actor Matt Damon’s Whitesplaining about how diversity in the production process isn’t important, elaborated on the necessity of boycotting films that erase or tokenize people of color. "The next time there is a movie where there is a Whitewashed Asian character, you don’t go see it and you tell other people not to see it. When there is another White-savior movie that is out there, you do the same—you don’t see it and you tell other people not to see it."

The producer also extended her call for boycotts to TV shows "that don’t hire women and people of color in the writers’ rooms and behind the scenes."

Watch her full keynote above. 

(H/t The Hollywood Reporter