In case the details of Eddie Long’s alleged sexual manipulation weren’t enough to make you wretch, Jezebel dug up portions of the megachurch pastor’s book on relationship advice. The book, "What A Man Wants, What A Woman Needs" tackles everything from "promiscuity" and "sexual freedom" to the proper "place for women." In it, Long also describes why it was important for him to travel without his wife, and instead take impressionable young men–all part of the "masculine journey," it seems. Read on:

On What Married Men Want:

Some Confusion About Who Initiated That Whole "Family-Friendly Workplace Policy" Thing.

A Woman’s Place? Behind a Man:

On Promiscuity and Sexual Freedom:

And here’s where it goes from laughably bad to nauseating. Long describes bringing young men along on his ministry business trips. All four of the men who’ve accused the pastor of sexual coercion describe the abuse taking place on such trips:

On an encounter with one young man: