Dyson doesn’t hold back; Japan threatens to sever relationship

By The News Jul 19, 2007

Amy Goodman Calls On Gov. Blanco To Pardon The Jena Six. Must read. I feel more vindicated than ever in observing that Amy Goodman is a superhero after her editorial in the Seattle Post Intelligencer, which gently takes the NAACP to task for giving a funeral to the N-word while six young black men are being railroaded by a racist government in Jena, Louisiana.–Too Sense. Michael Eric Dyson On Democracy Now. A new book… Despite the fact that the entire interview is worth listening to, Dyson’s comments on Cosby are the most striking. Here, he makes it clear that you don’t have to call a woman a ho to treat her like one.–Too Sense. Japan Warns U.S. House Against Resolution on WWII Sex Slaves. Battle of wrongs. Japan has warned leaders of the House of Representatives that serious, long-term damage to Japanese-U.S. relations is likely if the House passes a resolution demanding an official apology from Japan for its wartime policy of forcing women to become sex slaves for Japanese soldiers.–Washington Post A Victim of Equity Stripping. A video. A Chicago woman who fell behind on her mortgage payments became a victim of a common fraud known as equity stripping.–NYTimes Challenges for Black Colleges’ Brightest in the Lab. The multimillion-dollar cost of equipping and sustaining research laboratories exceeds the wherewithal of nearly all the historically black colleges.–NYTimes After a Brutal Attack, Many Hope for Change but Few Expect It. Crime in a Black project. This is shocking folks. Neighbors did not respond to her screams, and no one called the police. The victims ended up walking a mile to the nearest hospital afterward.–NYTimes Globalization or Zoo-Like Exploitation? Slum Tours on the Rise. Must read. Brazil, despite the diversity among its states, was spoken of in highly general terms, as if one bad story from one city was rampant throughout the entire country.–The Coup Magazine.