Dutch claim “minorities” more obese

By The News Aug 20, 2008

Higher chance of psychological disorders among mixed-race Asian Americans A new study at the University of California – Davis found that mixed-race Asian Americans are twice as likely to suffer from psychological disorders than their "mono"-racial counterparts. The study also qualifies that other factors have a large influence on the development of such disorders. Asian-Americans as a group also experience a higher risk of suicide. DiversityInc Schoolkids of color more likely to be paddled A new study conducted by Human Rights Watch and the American Civil Liberties Union will show that a quarter of a million schoolchildren were ** to corporal punishment last year. Of that number, a disproportionate amount were black, American Indian, or children with disabilities. The study interviewed over 40% of the students reported to be "spanked" in the 06-07 school year. Associated Press Dutch study claims its minorities are more overweight The Social and Cultural Planning Council of the Netherlands has released a report claiming that ethnic minorities who speak Dutch well, and have more contact with "Dutch" people are less likely to be obese. The study points at the high rates of obesity among Turkish, Moroccan, and Antillean migrants. Radio Netherlands Worldwide