Dreaming of a Latino Holiday?

By Jonathan Adams Dec 16, 2008

H/T Guanabee There have been a few Hollywood holiday movies that portray Black families celebrating Christmas, but I don’t think there has ever been a major Latino Christmas movie. Even though many are still calling it a Debra Messing film, Nothing Like The Holidays bring’s you into a Puerto Rican house for Christmas with some of our favorite actors.

Nothing Like The Holidays stars John Leguizamo as the stockbroker eldest Rodriguez child and Debra Messing as his Jewish, high-powered executive wife who won’t have a baby. Alfred Molina (who doesn’t speak much in the trailer—maybe because he’s English?) and Elizabeth Peña play the parents. Which is weird since Peña is only three years older than Leguizamo. Vanessa Ferlito, (who has acted in a lot of cop shows we never watch and Grindhouse), plays the middle child who is failing at her dream of becoming an actress and Freddy Rodriguez (Six Feet Under) plays their youngest who recently returned from serving in Iraq.