At Dream Reborn…..

By Jonathan Adams Apr 05, 2008

We’re in Memphis, a day after the march commemorating MLK, and the work continues. The Dream Reborn conference is bursting with possibilities. More than seeing old faces, this conference has lots of people very curious. Many came just to, "see what this green thing is all about." Folks from every region want to know how they can have their own urban gardens, get the toxic waster out of their neighborhoods, create local initiatives for a green economy. I’ve heard a few skeptics whisper about the need for concrete plans to this new green economy that is supposed to be a panacea for the United States’ economic ills at a time when everybody is feeling the hit. But I think we all want to find solutions. As we workshop plans to create jobs in cities across the country to bring folks of color out of poverty, we are also discussing rapidly changing climate, and the models for food production and distribution. Stay tuned as racial justice goes green.