Dream Act Fails Vote; Child Health Bill Vs. Wildfires

By The News Oct 25, 2007

Dream Act Fails Senate Vote The Dream Act, a bill to grant legal status to illegal immigrant students who completed high school if they either attended college or served in the military for two years, failed to receive enough votes in the U.S Senate. Conservative Republicans voted against the controversial bill on the grounds that it would "reward immigrant lawbreakers." The failure of the vote shows the rigid stance that the U.S government is taking on immigration. NY Times Woman Receives 8 month sentence for Hate Note Nina Timani, an Arab American, received a threatening note from a co-worker saying, “Remember 9/11” and “You and your kids will pay.” An FBI investigation into the matter led to the arrest of co-worker, Kia Reid, who was later sentenced to an 8 month prison term. Reid stated that she sent the note out of anger, not hatred, when she did not receive support in a workplace dispute. MSNBC Second Chance for Child Health Bill Sparks Republican Outcry Democrat’s have decided to hold the next vote on the bill to increase spending on children’s health care on Thursday, October 25th, whilst President Bush and many Republicans will be touring wildfire hit areas in California. Republicans are accusing Democrats of, ""Taking advantage of a disaster to loot the American treasury." CNN