Double dutch goes varsity; college makes males steal

By The News Aug 01, 2008

College may trigger crime, says study A new behavioral study showed that college-bound youth were less likely than their non-college bound counterparts to engage in criminal activity or substance use. However, once in college, these youth, especially males, engaged in higher levels of drinking, "unstructured socializing," and property theft. Sociologists at Ohio’s Bowling Green State University made no conclusive links to environment. New York Times Diversity need in army’s upper ranks While black Americans make up 17% of the army, they only account for 9% of officers, and 6% of generals. Marcia M. Anderson, and Belinda Pickney, two woman generals of color, gave interviews at the ongoing National Urban League Conference addressing these disparities. Orlando Sentinel Doctor suspect in anthrax case commits suicide Bruce E. Ivens, a government-employed biodefense researcher, died in a suspicious suicide right before the Justice Department planned to file charges against him. The anthrax mailing attacks, which killed five people, were greatly suspected to be the work of non-U.S terrorists. However, certain government employees have been longtime suspects – such facts were not publicized. LA Times Double dutch to become varsity sport in some NYC schools Next spring, double dutch will join the the list of thirty-four other varsity sports to be played in NYC high schools. The city will create ten co-ed teams, many in predominately-black neighborhoods. Last year, the school system added cricket, which is now played in fourteen schools across the city. Educators have expressed pride and excitement about the sport. New York Times