Don’t Forget to RSVP to this week’s Race & Health Call

By Jorge Rivas Feb 27, 2009

Join the conference call forum for an exchange on moving a proactive health equity agenda that benefits all of us.

March 3rd "Race and Health"?(call at 1PM Pacific, 4PM Eastern)

An affordable and accessible healthcare system is not enough. Our communities need green spaces, clean air, safe and healthy jobs, housing and schools. Federal and state policymakers rarely acknowledge the broader health disparities that communities of color face. How do we move a health equity agenda that addresses these issues? How will we hold government and powerful institutions accountable for eliminating racial inequities? Join the Compact Forum call on Race and Health on Tuesday, March 3rd. Featured speakers include community organizers Fatima Morales of Washington Community Action Network and Leo Morales of Idaho Community Action Network. How do we begin to tackle health concerns in housing, workplace and community settings? How can health impact statements advance racial justice? How can these tools give us leverage in local, state and federal health policy debates? Join us and find out. TO RSVP, CLICK HERE