Donald Trump Admonishes Turban-Wearing Protestor at Iowa Rally

By Sameer Rao Jan 25, 2016

Need more proof that Donald Trump‘s rallys are terrifying places for brown people? Here’s some. 

The Republican presidential candidate, infamous for his inflammatory racist and xenophobic rhetoric (and the furor it stokes in racists), was interrupted by protesters holding a "Stop Hate" sign during a campaign event in Iowa yesterday (January 24). One of the protesters sported a red turban and beard—symbols of adherence to Sikh faith that are misread as related to Islam by many, including those who commit hate crimes against Sikhs. MSNBC captured a video of Trump’s reaction to the interruption, which included him saying, "He wasn’t wearing one of those hats, was he?"

Mediaite sourced a C-SPAN video that suggests Trump was referring to one of his campaign’s "Make America Great" hats and not the turban. Still, after seeing his supporters chant "USA! USA!" in unison as the protesters were removed, we’re not so sure the specifics mattered to them.  

(H/t Gawker, MSNBC, Mediaite