Don Imus returns; Obama is Black enough

By The News Aug 15, 2007

CBS and Imus Settle Differences Over His Firing Despite his racist comments, Don Imus has settled his contract with CBS and may soon be back on the radio. Intelligence Agencies Urged to Hire Immigrants As the US government violates more privacy rights in the name of "homeland security", the CIA wants to hire more immigrants to “fill critical gaps in knowledge and analysis.” Washington Post. Racism, Justice and Age-of-Consent Laws in America This is the case of Genarlow Wilson, a Black man who was sentenced to 10 years in jail at age 17 for having consensual sex with a white 15 year old girl. CounterPunch. No Matter What We Say Now Every Black Person in America Will Vote for Obama Trey Ellis answers the lingering question that Obama will indeed be “Black enough” for Black America. Huffington Post. Family-Based Immigration Made My American Dream A Chinese immigrant reports how the family-based preference immigration system helped her entire family move to America. Newark killings become immigration flash point With Newark’s community in outrage after killing of three teens, the sight is set on immigration to curb the violence.