Dominique Dawes: ‘So Thrilled to Change My Website’ After Gabby Douglas’ Win

Dawes was the only African-American gold medalist in gymnastics. No longer.

By Julianne Hing Aug 03, 2012

Before Gabby Douglas, there was Dominique Dawes. The 1996 Olympic gold medalist spoke with Fox Sports about Douglas’ history-making moment on Thursday, and spoke through proud tears through most of the interview. Dawes, who is in London and was in the arena cheering Douglas on said, "I am so thrilled for Gabby, her mother, her sisters, her dad, and all the little young girls looking at her being impacted by what she did. I’m so thrilled now to change my website and take down the fact that I was the only African American with a gold medal. It couldn’t go to a better kid, to a better mom, who wants to see her daughter excel." Dawes had more to say on [Twitter](