The Dodsons Are Moving to Hollywood. For a Reality TV Show!

The Bed Intruder phenomenon is headed to a TV near you.

By Jorge Rivas Nov 09, 2010

The man has his own milkshake named after him, so we can’t say we’re surprised, but ladies and gentleman the Dodson’s are moving to Hollywood!

In an interview with the St. Petersburg Times, Antoine Dodson confirmed rumors that he and his family are moving to Hollywood where they’ll start filming the new show.

Dodson’s got a chart topping song, iPhone app, ring-tone and custom phone greetings service, along with this year’s most popular Halloween costume. He’s even working on his own sort of urban dictionary.

The Dodson’s became Internet celebrities when a local news reporter interviewed 24-year-old Antoine about an alleged rapist entering their home in Huntsville, Alabama. The local news report caught a charismatic Antoine in the heat of the moment, and the video went viral. Last night, Antoine had his late night talk show debut when he visited "George Lopez Tonight."

For the record, the intruder who began the family’s ordeal has not been caught.

"At the beginning police did help and they told us 2-3 months for fingerprints to process. We called just before I got here and now they’re telling me it could take up to 2 years because they’re so behind on their cases," he recently told