DNA Researcher Resigns Amid Racist Remarks; More Nooses Means More Lawsuits

By The News Oct 26, 2007

More Racial Harassment Lawsuits With increasing news coverage of nooses around the country, the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission says that lawsuits over racial harassment in the workplace are on the rise. USA Today. Sagging Economy Hurts Immigrants’ Families Back Home Many Mexicans that rely on their migrant working families in the United States have seen a decrease in income. Experts point to the economy and an immigration crackdown as the cause. New York Times. Baltimore’s Black Leaders Endorse Gay Marriage The Maryland Black Family Alliance is a new organization of Black leaders that will lobby the state for marriage equality for LGBT couples. WJLA. DNA Discoverer, Watson, resigns James Watson, DNA discoverer, has resigned from his post as chancellor of the Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory after his comments about the intellectual inferiority of Blacks were met with intense scrutiny. USA Today.